Honey citrus Iced tea

Wonderful homemade iced tea with aromas of the Greek land

Apple pie with sultana raisins

Enjoy it warm with a ball of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate taste experience.

Energy Balls with bee pollen.

The easiest and healthiest snack during the entire day

Smoothie bowl with bee pollen

The perfect choice for an energy-boosting breakfast or for the most nutritious afternoon snack

Salad with pear and honeycomb

A winter salad with ingredients that give a particularly tasty result

Cantucci with dried figs and almonds

Twice-baked, crispy, with a desire to seduce you

Flavored butter spread with bee pollen

Perfectly matched with fresh hot bread, brioche and other bakery

Panna cotta with honeycomb

An imaginative dessert that will amaze!

Semolina pudding

Easy recipe for the authentic traditional halva that they love young and old

Yogurt ice cream with honey and raisins

The coolest, summer recipe with Greek superfoods

Porridge with honey and raisins

Start your day with energy while enjoying the most nutritious breakfast

Salad with dried figs and goat cheese

A refreshing, delicious & nutritious salad

Glühwein, the warm and sweet wine of winter

The Greek version with DIOTERRA Forest Honey

Strawberry smoothie with flower pollen

A delicious smoothie to keep you cool and refreshed for hot summer days

Pancakes with honey and currants

Delicious and fluffy pancakes that are perfectly combined with coffee or tea


The most delicious and honey-glazed chunky soft biscuits known as “melomakarona” in Greek served especially during the Christmas holidays.

Chocolate truffles with honey and tahini

Easy recipe for healthy chocolate truffles without sugar and gluten

Christmas vinaigrette with honey

Recipe for Christmas vinaigrette with DIOTERRA honey.

Pomegranate and honey dressing

Recipe with two superfoods! Salad dressing with pomegranate and cold extracted DIOTERRA Honey

Energy bites with dried figs

Try a recipe that will give you the energy you need.
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