Our family tradition and passion for the healthy Mediterranean diet led us in 2015 to create DIOTERRA, a producing company, which aims to offer a range of authentic Greek products, of excellent quality and high nutritional value. DIOTERRA stands for divine land and symbolizes the unrivalled natural beauty of the landscape and the wealth of the fertile land, our homeland.

Our facilities are located in mountainous Achaia, in Drosia of the Municipality of Erymanthos, where we produce healthy foods, without any use of chemicals, additives and preservatives. Our products are appreciated and recognized by our customers for their high quality, affordable prices and unadulterated natural flavors- something we are proud of. Our cooperation with other small producers in the Peloponnese with whom we share the same philosophy and the same high-quality standards, enables us to have a permanent presence on the market, responding to every demand.



We operate with integrity and a high sense of responsibility. We know that the course of our company depends on its consistency in relation to its principles, values and ethics. Our intention for our brand name is to be, over time, a guarantee for our partners and consumers.


Our development is based on respect for society, the environment and the consumer. Guided by the needs of consumers, we seek to offer the best natural Greek products on the market, in excellent value for money. We believe in the balance of the fertile Greek land, respecting the environment in which we operate.


From production to distribution of the products, we apply the strictest standards to ensure excellent quality. We cooperate with modern certified quality control laboratories and carry out regular inspections and testings, ensuring all parameters that guarantee high quality and safety of products.


With absolute dedication to professionalism, we seek the optimal satisfaction of our customers and the maintenance of their trust. We are oriented towards continuous improvement while working with passion, perseverance and consistency to bring back to our daily table the authentic treasures abundantly found in the Greek land.



We work with passion and love, protecting natural resources and respecting the environment in which we operate. As guardians of biodiversity, in our beekeeping activity, we treat the bee with respect. The bee is the most important pollinator of plants, which contributes through the pollination to the production of about one third of human food in the form of fruits and vegetables.

We reduce our environmental footprint, save energy with the exclusive use of Renewable Energy Sources and reduce paper and water consumption. Since the establishment of our company, we have conducted a contract with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCΟ) and we actively participate in the rational management of raw materials, by-products of the production process, waste and residues, by applying recycling and composting practices for the enrichment of the soil.


Our company policy highlights our responsibility towards our partners, consumers and society. Recognizing our responsibility, we contribute to the arising needs by responding sensitively to social challenges.

We implement social contribution activities, as Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate identity. We stand by society and our fellow human beings and offer our products, guided by solidarity and respect for human dignity. In this context, our company has supported with the donation of its products to the following organizations with the mission to help the less favored social groups and improve their living conditions:

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